Terrarium rack


The terrarium racks, that we produce, are entirely made of light and strong aluminium, reinforced with polyamide connectors, each with a steel core. The front aluminium flaps in the rack and their intuitive upward opening allow easy access to the control panel.

Standard rack dimensions
Height 214,3 cm
Width 105,7 cm
Depth 50,5 cm
Example colors

As a manufacturer of terrarium racks, we have implemented a number of innovative solutions that will work perfectly – simplifying everyday use and improving display of the reptiles and amphibians.

On each of the three levels, on the back wall, there is a power module with eight hermetic electrical sockets and two switches. For your convenience and to improve the operation of the sockets, you can turn on sockets with a separate switch on each level, which makes it easy to use.

Additionally, we used strong LED lighting (6 x 15W), containing six independent modules. Each one of them has its own power supply.

On one level, there are two lighting modules, that can be turned off with an independent switch. By implementing such innovative solutions, we can use a timer or a remote control module, making them maintenance-free. We provide a two-year warranty for all lighting.

The rack uses two independent power sources, one for heaters and filters, the other for LED lighting. The two separate circuits of lighting and working sockets allow even distribution of the current and, at the same time, long lasting reliability of our shelves.

Every rack can contain from three to nine front-operated terrariums for reptiles and amphibians.