Rack for rodents and rabbits


Shop racks for rodents and rabbits are entirely made of light, yet strong aluminium, reinforced with polyamide connectors. The combination of aluminium and glass significantly improves the appearance and design of every store. Thanks to our display racks, we create better conditions for animals, thus taking better care of our pets.

Standard rack dimensions
Height 173,2 cm
Width 105,7 cm
Depth 50,5 cm
Example colors

During production of our racks for rodents and rabbits, we used powerful LED lighting, containing three independent modules. Each of them has its own power supply. We provide a two-year warranty for all lighting.

There can be from three to nine compartments for pets per rack. The rear window is covered with a special foil imitating a sunny and picturesque meadow or any chosen graphic design. At the top, on each of the three levels, there is a grille, which enables good ventilation and provides fresh air for each and every animal inside. The rack is operated from the front.