Bird rack


The cage racks, that we produce, are entirely made of light and strong aluminium

Standard rack dimensions
Height 214,3 cm
Width 105,7 cm
Depth 50,5 cm
Example colors

As a manufacturer of bird racks, we have implemented a number of innovative solutions that will work perfectly, simplifying everyday use and improve the display.

In the rack we have used modern, energy-saving LED lighting. One lighting module is placed on one of the three levels. All lighting can be turned off with an independent switch. By implementing such innovative solutions, we can use a timer or a remote control module, making them maintenance-free. We provide a two-year warranty for all lighting.

There are 5 cages on three levels of the rack, which are a combination of galvanized steel and glass, which perfectly emphasizes the modern design. There is one large cage on the lower level, and on each of the upper two there are two cages. Each cage has two perches. The rack can be operated from the front or rear, depending on the arrangement of the cages.